Warehousing and Fulfillment

Logistics / Warehousing


Our international fulfillment network is equipped with modern shelving systems and pallet spaces. Inventory can be divided flexibly across fulfillment centers to position products closer to your customers. This enables you to cut down shipping costs and reduce delivery times.

When goods are received in the fulfillment center, we take over the counting of the products and all logistics locations have direct truck connections, which enables efficient storage, delivery and timely dispatch of products to fulfill customer orders.

Logistics / Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Warehouse direct fulfillment within country borders or cross borders both have unique value propositions. We offer both options for your perusal and network optimization purposes.

The automated fulfillment process starts right after a customer has placed an order in your online shop. Since the order data is automatically transferred to our warehouse, we can immediately start processing the order and ship it to the customer on the same day.

Logistics / Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Warehousing and Inventory controls are crucial to a company's success. Mex del Sol is well-positioned to provide you with world class Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and inventory control tools.

Inventory management is any process that helps you better manage the flow of products into your fulfillment warehouses. The goal of inventory management is to optimize your inventory levels, so you have enough merchandise to fill every order but don’t tie up your cash flow with products that sit on the shelf for long periods.

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