Customs Brokerage

Logistics/ Customs Brokerage

USA Imports

USA's 321/86 Import and Export

Entry Type 86 provides a less complex and streamlined release process for Section 321 low-value shipments. This import mode eliminates duties and taxes for shipments valued at less than the De Minimis level of US$800, imported by one person per day. 

USA's Commercial Import and Export
Our solution can facilitate import or export via any port of entry: land, air, or sea. We ensure up-to-date compliance and control by connecting directly with the CBP via Electronic Automated Brokerage system.

Logistics/ Customs Brokerage

Mexico Imports

Mexico's T1 Import (e-Commerce)

Mex del Sol offers T1 Customs Clearance, which is Mexico’s simplified process of importing or exporting personal goods used by courier and parcel companies. Items with a value less than $50.00 USD are exempt from duties and taxes.  

Mexico's A1 Import (Commercial)
Also, we offer A1 entry of merchandise of foreign origin to remain in national territory for an unlimited time for commercial purposes with all duties and taxes paid by the importer or trader.

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