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Mex del Sol is a logistics Intelligence and solutions provider headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Its partners and members have vast experience in international supply chain from procurement to fulfillment as well as business strategy, business bntelligence information technologies, auditing and consulting.

Through our trusted network of associates in Asia, Europe, Mexico and the USA, Mex del Sol has been establishing a solid foundation in the North American region with a strong network of logistics providers that spans the globe.  

About Us / Mission


Mex del Sol is a strategic and key link between companies (importers and exporters), logistics operators and Customs agencies, which through our integrated logistics intelligence solutions promote optimized international commerce.

Our mission is to create opportunities and support SMB/SMEs to achieve economies of scale, optimization and operational performance in their international and domestic trade activities, through affordable logistics and supply chain business intelligence services enabling them to focus fully on their core business. 

About Us / Vision


To become an important and essential Logisitcs Integrator in the European Asian and North American market and via our specialized methodologies, strategies and dynamic Logistics Intelligent Solutions, offer our Customers tailor-made or solutions supported by the state of the art technologies based on customer objectives and needs and thus improving their bottom line and performance.  

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