Returns Management

Logistics/ Returns Management

Returns  Management

Returns management is essential for retailers and logistics providers. With the increase in e-commerce sales, returns are growing faster than ever and therefore the cost of returns management and reverse logistics is increasing.

Optimizing the returns management process is a priority for retailers and wholesalers. They need to reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining a superior consumer experience.

Streamlining the returns process can have a positive effect on revenue and customer retention.

Logistics/ Returns Management

Returns Optimization with Mex del Sol 

Mex del Sol and its Trusted Suppliers

Mex del Sol offers the integral and optimal handling of returns with state of the art technology because we are aware that returns in general are a challenge for merchants. At Mex del Sol we follow the operational standards of each client from start to finish.

General Returns Management Process.

  • Interact with the Customer to initiate the process.
  • Orchestrate the reverse logistics to receive the goods.
  • Manage the returned goods: restocking, recycling or disposal.

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